Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Im All Shook Up, ah huh! I never have a Blue Christmas, cuz I am keeping my family entertained. They Love Me Tender and Dont Be Cruel. But being the Hound Dog that I am sometimes lands me in a Jailhouse Rock, only when I am Lonesome at Night. This is my Heartbreak Hotel on the web and Im always here to be your Teddy Bear!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Go Fight Win!!

The fight for LA is on, Cross town rival game is TODAY!
And I just have 1 thing to say!

Well look at that, this team's jersey looks familiar.. hmm odd
(Hey Marci good luck today with your Buckeyes)

Heard the Marine say he was going to take the Mrs. out for their anniversary, he better take her where there is a tv for her watch the game.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Trot or Rot

Since the Mac family ate an early turkey lunch, the Marine and I had time to get in a light job after. Little did I know that I was signed up to do a 5k. But little did he know I was going to make him eat my dust sucker!

Even after all that turkey, stuffing, yams, taters and bread pudding I still ran a good time.. you know for an elf and all. In my head all I could hear was the Rocky theme pushing me along.

And I should have known of all the races the Marine signs us up for there is NO beer at the end of this one... That's it next time I run a Spartan Race!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'mmmm Baaacckkkk!!!!

I don't think anything speaks more than this... HAHA I totally freaked out those Mac Kids.

Heard Thanksgiving is early this year, which gives Sarge and I time to go on a run after and work off all the stuffing and mashed taters. The Mrs. is making French toast so off to get a lil snack before the big lunch.