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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Few Good Men

In honor of Mr Marine who was being promoted to E9 MGySgt (Master Gunny Sergeant) after 20years in the Corps, I lined up all the troops to formation.
It must have been way to early for these guys too because they did not want to stand at attention. Kept falling down left and right.

Sgt Elfis Pricely ready for duty SIR!

All troops present and accounted for!

My mom would be so proud of me in my cammies, dog tags, and holding my 2nd amendment right to bear arms!

Mr Marine almost looks as good as I do in his uniform, being sworn in to rank.

The Mr & Mrs... all ready to spend his promotion money.. in 6months when that kicks in. I heard her say something like "E, you just got promoted to MGySgt guess where I'm going.. to Disney World.. in May!" But I have no clue what that was about? Poor guy, he works hard for her money!

Wonder if Barb will swoon for me in my uniform. I could totally pull off being an Officer and a Gentleman, I mean I am one of The Few, The Proud, The Elf!


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