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Im All Shook Up, ah huh! I never have a Blue Christmas, cuz I am keeping my family entertained. They Love Me Tender and Dont Be Cruel. But being the Hound Dog that I am sometimes lands me in a Jailhouse Rock, only when I am Lonesome at Night. This is my Heartbreak Hotel on the web and Im always here to be your Teddy Bear!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Summa Summa Summer Time

1st off if you haven't hear I entered a contest, a photo contest, interestingly enough called the Inappropriate Elf. I know, right up my alley huh! So before going on PLEASE go vote for me and help the Mrs. win an ipad/camera/ or 3ds. Vote *HERE* I'm #43!
This is my entry... what I was having a Titanic moment.
I'm sure you all were wondering what shenanigan I pulled today. Well nothing much really. These Californians really to have it made. With the good weather they hit the Jacuzzi last night. So the next day I though its such a nice day why not take a dip in the pool too.

I'm so glad no one noticed I wasn't wearing my swim trunks, No clue where the Mrs. moved all my crap. So guess they didn't mind me skinny dipping?
Welp gotta go, my flight is soon back to the NP, the family is busy playing with their new toy. Mr Marine brought home a new tv.. that things HUGE (that's what she said LOL) Guess these people don't wait until the fat man brings them gifts they just get their own. Wonder what the Mrs gets out of that deal?? She's been bitch'n about a new phone, don't know why that broad doesn't just get it herself?
Alright I'm outtie.. don't forget to vote for me!


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