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Im All Shook Up, ah huh! I never have a Blue Christmas, cuz I am keeping my family entertained. They Love Me Tender and Dont Be Cruel. But being the Hound Dog that I am sometimes lands me in a Jailhouse Rock, only when I am Lonesome at Night. This is my Heartbreak Hotel on the web and Im always here to be your Teddy Bear!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its a Wrap

Sorry Ive been MIA, Mr Marine had some friends over (good times were had by them all lots of drinks were drank!), the Mrs laptop took a dump so I had no time to update the ol blogger. But Im back with lots to say!
So I cracked myself up with this one, another where I could barely contain my laughter. Used up a whole roll of the Mrs xmas wrapping. She said it was ok though it was only from the $1 store. This goes on my list of hardest things to wrap. I do regret not making a "NO PEEING" tag (get it no peekings no peeing!!)
When Mr Marines friends (and their wives) came they were cracking up and told the Mrs that I was adorable and they were looking forward to seeing what shinanigans I came up while they stayed with us! Oh Ive got something good planned for them alright!! but in the mean time, the boys laughed at the toilet and it did help keep it clean for Mr Marine LOL.
Only 5more days to vote for me.. come on I need to be in the top 3 to be considered to win


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