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Im All Shook Up, ah huh! I never have a Blue Christmas, cuz I am keeping my family entertained. They Love Me Tender and Dont Be Cruel. But being the Hound Dog that I am sometimes lands me in a Jailhouse Rock, only when I am Lonesome at Night. This is my Heartbreak Hotel on the web and Im always here to be your Teddy Bear!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wheres Wald.. err Elfis?

In snooping around the Mac Shack I noticed they didnt have one picture of me. Here they talk about me, look for me, etc and cant have 1 lil measly pic of me. So I showed them, cant have one pic of me, means I turn it into ALL pics of me.
In the Entry way is where I started you would think i would say good enough and call a yo
The boys then found me by the stockings. Oh I should have hung mine up too 

looking inocent  by the mini tree

I move towards the kitchen

I even got a pic of my mom, nana, and great nana for their 3 generations frame

I covered up lil man's lunch menu with a full size pics of me

a few cheese's by the phone

and my favorite taking over the I ♥ you because frame.
Hope this taught them a lesson in keeping me up all year long. Hmm might need to make an appointment with the Picute People to get new pics done LOL. Not that I need it, cuz I make them look good!  


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