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Im All Shook Up, ah huh! I never have a Blue Christmas, cuz I am keeping my family entertained. They Love Me Tender and Dont Be Cruel. But being the Hound Dog that I am sometimes lands me in a Jailhouse Rock, only when I am Lonesome at Night. This is my Heartbreak Hotel on the web and Im always here to be your Teddy Bear!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Party All The Time!

Had a holiday get together, and set up a photobooth. Thought that would be a fun activity to keep the party going. Boy was it! I think the Mrs wanted to do this for her New Years party she was so envious of the pics.
Since Darbi and I didn't work out and remained friends I introduced her to my buddy Len. They seemed to have a lot in common.

Hmm who's Naughty and who's Nice?

Want to sit on Santa's lap and tell me what you want for Christmas girls!

She makes the snow I walk on melt!

Another cute couple, Len & Darbi.

Good Friends, Fun time!

Just the 2 of us! We can make it if we try!

I got another sweet peck on the check from a pretty gal!

She reached for my hand 1st!

This is the start of something special....



Buckeye Gal said...

"She makes the snow I walk on melt!" Awe! Is this love, Elfis?! You and Barb look so happy!

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