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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pen Pals

I have a few friends that are from the NP and are Santa Spies also. Normally we just see each other here and there when we are checking in with the BIG GUY. But you know how it is being busy and focus you sometimes miss each other. Well I received a letter from my friend Elly. She's stationed with a nice family in St Louis and watches over 3 lil girls. Seems Elly got a little bit homesick, and wrote to a bunch of us telling about her time in Missouri. She's pretty bummed that there is no snow there either and apparently the parents are health freaks... No SUGAR either. Her letter didn't say but I hope at least there was some beer in that place since they are in the home town of my Mrs favorite drink!
In case you cant read the letter from Elly states,
"Dear Elf Friends: Leon, Sparkle, Buddy, Mr. Elf, Sprinkle, Elfis, & Mrs. Elf,
How are you? I am 3/4 of the way through the season and very homesick. My family has been rough on me this year. The oldest girl is always singing and twirling, the middle one is always falling off the chair and running into the walls, and the littlest one hasn't been listening to her mom and dad.. I think I might have Santa come early so I can get out of here! Did you know that Missouri doesn't have ANY snow right now? NO SNOW! It's a serious crisis. What will happen if they don't have a white Christmas??? This house needs more sugar too. Why on earth are they eating healthy during the holidays?"
So in between my blogging I wrote her back.
"Hi Elly,
I got your letter, it was so good to hear from you. Man seems you have a serious case of sadness. I wish I was there to give you a hug. But just think only another week left with our family's then we get to go back to the North Pole. I'm actually a lil sad about that. I love my family... well the kids are cool, the dad doesn't bother me he's usually asleep on the couch or eating a burger. But the Mom.. OMG major hottie, and she pays so much attention to me.. I think she's hot for my body! I wish I could empathise with you about the no snow but I'm in Cali and the other day I was swimming, in DECEMBER.. it was awesome! Maybe we should switch families next year... cuz the Mac family has TONS of sugar here. In fact they still have 2 packages of Twinkies they are savoring... Those puppies might disappear soon though.. just saying. Anyways hun Ive got to run, got a date I need to get ready for. Just wanted to let you know I'm always here for you!
Luv, Elfis
P.S. Hey Marci, Holly, & Elfira how you broads doing?
P.S.S. If you get bored just check out my blog... its sure to keep you laughing!

Damn I forgot to ask Elly if she's been to a Rams Game.. thats the other thing from St Louis that the Mrs. loves. Ahh well.. hope my other friends are doing well in their homes and with their families. 6more days than we get to vacation ladies... Im think we should plan something for May... maybe Walt Disney Word!!! :)


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