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Monday, December 10, 2012

Blind Date

I was set up... on a blind date that is. Have you ever been semi forced into that, you know its your friend so you don't want to be a jerk so you say ok, but really you just want to say HELL NO. Well I got suckered into it by my buddy GI Moe. Nice guy, Mr Marine wouldn't like him though cuz he's "being all he can be."
So Moe tells me he's got a civilian he works with really sweet, funny, and great personality. Once he said the great personality I thought oh crap I'm going out with Lassie a total dog. But I go anyways, I mean whats the harm I do a lil networking that way and I'm sure there's a bar if I need to make the most of it.
When I got to the place the waitress sat me and I lost it, this chick was gorgeous. I was already thanking Moe before I even said Hello, how could that numb nut leave out how pretty she was. So we introduce ourselves, her name is Barbi, but she prefers Barb, says it sounds more mature. She has beautiful blue eyes and long blond hair and the legs on her.... owe momma. I'm a total leg man and she just blew me over with those legs, I'll admit her ass and rack were pretty tight too! Really a total package!!
We talked for hours she and I have a lot in common, such as we both love kids, are workout snobs, and like to be on the cusp of fashion. We both have been dating but haven't found that special someone yet to get serious with.
When dinner was over I walked her to her car. Oh and even that is sweet. She has an old European ride, its pretty dope!
After some small talk I asked her if she would like to go out again, and she said sure how about Wednesday? Perfect!
 Then came what I thought was that awkward moment, do you kiss, don't ya kiss, handshake, retarded hug? But instead she planted a nice sweet peck on my cheek.

Damn this was by far the best date I've had in a while. I guess I owe GI Moe a 6pack! 

Now I just need to plan the perfect 2nd date. You know that can make or brake it.
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Buckeye Gal said...

Such a suave elf you are, Elfis!

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