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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School's In For Christmas?

Aww man I wish I would have borrowed some spy cameras from Mr. Marine today. I would have put them in both of the boys classrooms, to catch what went down. If I do say so myself today's prank was by far my best. When I got back from the NP (North Pole) everyone was asleep. So I got nosey and noticed that one of the boys backpacks was open, 1st I made a mental note to tell mom that they need to clean them out. Then I decided to wrap their folders and books in Xmas paper. It was hard keeping my laughter quiet, I put them back into their backpacks along with a tag that they were from me! Zipped them up then just sat around near them wishing them a Great Day! (HA they had NO CLUE what was about to go down!)

This is all they saw before they went to school, see I'm innocent, just wishing them well.

But inside it was full of surprises  LOL.
When mom came home I heard her ask the kids how school was. Normally those boys throw out 1 word answers, FINE, OK. EH.  But today she got an ear full. Lil man started with "WELL, my teacher asked why my folder was wrapped like a present? So I told her its my moms stupid Elf doll." A kid watch the name calling, and I'm not a doll, adorable yes a doll no! He went on to say all the kids laughed when he had to tell them about me.
The teenager was even more irritated, he said he went to get his composition book out for 1st period English and saw each folder was wrapped and he had to rip off the paper while the book was still in his backpack so no one saw. He thought he was safe but the kid next to him gave him a weird look, so he said his mom has issues. HA, poor mom always taking the wrap (HA WRAP get it)!
I cant figure out which one funnier, but I'm loosing my stitching from laughing so hard. I even got a laugh from Mr Marine, and he told mom they were pissed when he picked them up!


Buckeye Gal said...

OMG. I'm literally LOL'ing at the thought of P&J discovering Elfis' prank, rolling their eyes, and making comments about mom. :-D

PS: This one was too good not to Pin. I'm sure another EOTS would like to play with the kids in this way.

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