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Friday, December 14, 2012

Up Up and Away

Barb and I had rescheduled our date for tonight, so I finally thought of an idea. Well I had help from another friend of mine, they saw there was a Groupon for Helium Air Balloon Rides. I jumped on the deal and off Barb and I went for a nice and romantic moonlight date!
Our conversation just flowed again while we looked out over the basket.
We had a great time, and snuggled awhile to keep each other warm. At the end of the ride we made plans for another date. Thankfully Barb said she would make plans this time.

Now don't forget to cast your vote the Mrs needs an ipad!


Jennifer F. said...

I have a feeling Darbie might be getting a little bit jealous.... ;)

Buckeye Gal said...

Oh I hope Darbie doesn't see Elfis' blog!! Can you just see all the broken candy canes?!?

On another note, it cracks me up that he's been introduced to Grouponing!

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